Today's the first Sunday service after the annual Prayer and Fasting. We had our first Victory Group (VG) meeting for this year, too. One groupmate is getting married this May, while the other intends to get hitched next year. So yes, we talked about wedding details (venue, ceremony, etc) which remind me, planado na ang wedding ko sa Pinterest — na wala pa akong groom ay minor detail na lang.
 ∞ ∞ ∞

Maine's blog. Finally, the CONTINUE READING link on her most recent post is working. I just noticed that she mistakenly typed September, instead of October, on that part where she recalled her first movie shoot. I am very certain that it was not September 1. On said date was her appearance in KalyeSerye as Isadora. 

I should know.. my planner looks like it is her diary, with all important events on her showbiz career and KalyeSerye listed. 

this blog entry. And another entry which I hope to finish asap.

to the commotion outside. I heard someone shout. It must a drunk neighbor.

About everything that I have to do this week (or month) —from cleaning the other house to applying for a job.

the fruity scent of the hand soap that I've just used.

for more audacious faith (in God). 

for a productive week ahead. Honestly, I feel like my 2016 will be starting tomorrow pa.

a pink shirt and purple shorts.

the fact that I am about to finish this entry on time.

a new netbook (Macbook please!). My PC has restarted on its own a couple of times already while I'm writing this entry.

to fix my body clock. It has been six weeks after the Bar Exams and I've slept early only once. On most days, I sleep at around 2 to 3 in the morning. Sometimes, I sleep at 4 (am). Just when I have all the time to have a good night sleep, I cannot. Unlike during review days when I sleep more often than I read.

full. After Sunday service, Louise and I went on a foodtrip to satisfy my cravings for street food. I had isaw, dynamite, kwek kwek and squid balls. After that, we had dinner with my siblings at Tokyo Tokyo.


This is long overdue. Blame the holidays and my laziness for not being able to share the Red Carpet experience asap. I've shared a few photos and videos on social media already.
But there's one story I have shared only to close friends which, I think, the ALDUB Nation would love to know. Too bad, I didn't have a video of it.

Aside from the VIP tickets for My BebeLove screening, we were given the privilege to meet the cast and to walk the red carpet with them. VIP indeed!

The staff/coordinator arranged the entourage. Direk Joey was escorted by Sancho since Valeen didn't make it. They were followed by me and the three winners of Direk Joey's Twitter contest, then Alden and Maine, then Bossing Vic and Ai-Ai.

Yes, you read it right.
Alden and Maine were standing behind me.

I heard Maine told Alden (not verbatim), "Andyan ang mga friends ko. Full support!"

Alden replied, "Eh si ano?" Then he made this hand gesture:

His hands forming a letter "M"
which, I assume, refers to Miggy, Maine's love interest in college

"Wala. Nasa States na," Maine assured Alden.

(Sorry, Tisoy and Meng. I didn't mean to eavesdrop.)

Ang cute lang! Nagseselos ba si Alden?!!
It's for you to find out... VERY soon! 
*pabebe wave*

Happy New Year, everyone!
Expect more ALDUB-related entries since I've just realized that I have over 200 photos from the Red Carpet Premiere.

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An update on my last post

Yesterday's KalyeSerye episode was the most heartfelt monthsary celebration so far. No fancy date, chocolates or gifts. There wasn't even a bouquet of flowers. But it was the most special. (9 out 10 ALDUBarkads would agree on this. May statistics, ganoin?!

The reenactment of Maine's audition, as well as the exchange of messages for each other, almost brought me to tears. It made me more eager to see them in person. I couldn't let this opportunity to meet them pass me by. Replies, retweets and likes weren't enough to get noticed.


In a recent post of direkjoey on Instagram, I saw a photo of him with Ms. Noreen. I've been following her on Twitter since 2010. I know Direk Joey was her mentor as I've read it on her blog, and he even wrote the foreword of her first book, Parang Kayo Pero Hindi. I assume she knows me by my username since I used to reply to her tweets. It won't hurt if I try, I told myself. I sent her a tweet..
The following day, I woke up to a reply from her that she'll send a message to direkjoey. About an hour later, direkjoey followed me on Twitter, then 
OMG! My fangirl heart is so happy.

∞ ∞ ∞

Thank you, Ms. Noreen.
See you on Monday,
Nicomaine and Faulkerson.